Use the Windows Integrated Windows Authentication with Siteminder on Linux servers


If you have an Active Directory in your infrastructure and you have integrated Siteminder with it, it can be great to use the Integrated Windows Authentication (aka IWA) to authenticate automatically.

With Siteminder, there is a built-in IWA with your Windows Authentication. You just have to use an agent on a Windows Server and after you can authenticate your user with IWA on Linux/Unix etc… servers for example.

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Troubleshoot the Siteminder Agent for Sharepoint


Siteminder Web Agent for Sharepoint is a quite complicated product to implement.

You will face many issues while installing it for the first time or even after. So it’s important to manage all the tools to debug and troubleshoot all the issues you will face.

The Agent For Sharepoint has many different products bundled together so you will have many places to take a look in order to find the black sheep.

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Protect IIS 7 and impersonate your user with Siteminder and Kerberos


You can protect easily a website with Siteminder but how can you pass the user who just authenticated before ? You can for example send a Response so your application have a HTTP header with your username.

But how can you do with ASP.NET authentication on IIS who takes your current Windows Session ? Change your application code and integrate the response ? No, you don’t want to do that.

CA gives you a little DLL to put in your IIS which use the Siteminder previously authenticated user and push it into your ASP.NET application in order to « simulate » the NTLM authentication.

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Configure Arcot VPN Client to work with Cisco VPN


Arcot VPN Client is a Java software developped by CA which overload regular VPN Client (Cisco AnyConnect for example) and can manage ArcotID and challenges to get your ArcotID.

Arcot VPN Client comes with only one Aventail configuration file template and not Cisco one. Consequence : I lost almost a day to make it work with my Cisco VPN because it was made only for Aventail and parameters are completely different for Cisco VPN.

For your information, it showed me « No address phonebook » error when I started Arcot VPN Client.

Configuration file

Here is a template of Arcot VPN Client configuration file for Cisco VPN. Enjoy ;)

View and download it


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Obtenir la liste des privilèges d’un utilisateur dans une base de données Oracle


Dernièrement, on m’a demandé de créer une requête SQL permettant de lister tous les privilèges d’un utilisateur dans une base de données Oracle.

Oracle dispose de son dictionnaire de données qui est, quand sait où chercher, est capable de nous donner plus ou moins n’importe quelle information sur notre base.

Hop, un post rapide et simple pour partager les requêtes à ce que ça pourrait intéressé.

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